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We need Keith Olbermann.

Back in the early days of the Bush Administration, there was one voice on television which came out and said what we progressives were thinking. Then what makes America great happened: We finally had a choice in opionion to lead us to a true open market of ideas.

When the right talks about an open market of ideas, it is not the ones they disagree with, they want your choice to be FOX News or CNN. Keith Olbermann was not what corporate media wants. He was a truth sayer in the land of news which had only one mission: to lead we the sheep of this country.

That is not what our country was founded on.

Yes, there is Rachel Maddow, and you know my love for her show. But she does not lay out the facts like Keith Olbermann. When he did that, I did not always arrive at the same conclusion but then he lead a conversation which looked at the different conclusions and it was wonderful. It was what the news should be. And his special comments are what lead me to my comic. They were food for thought and I hope my comics can help fill the void of his absence for people.

His call to rise up helped change the direction of my comic.

I just listened to this again, and my stomach leaped and my emotions swelled. Nobody who is trying to fill Keith's void can make me feel so empassioned. So inspired. So alive.

We need Keith Olbermann.

There are great people out there bringing us the news. Rachel Maddow, who you know I love, Ed Shultz who speaks from the heart and is a marvelous interviewer but has never inspired me like Olbermann has, Lawrence O'Donnell who is at his best when pushing back against people in "The Rewrite"  but when people push back against him he turns into an establishmentarian and tells you that you can't do that. Cenk Uygur also speaks from the heart, I love his analysis of the news, but compared to Olbermann he is, in his words "Weak Sauce." I don't like his distractions about porn and sex.  He doesn't spend enough time on the issues.  I can not forget Sam Sedar on The Majority Report. He is the anger without the passion. There is some passion but he just focuses on what pisses him off. He wonderfully analyzes economic issues and contextualizes them wonderfully but gets so worked up about politics. Olbermann, as you see in that clip ties it all together with the passion and outrage, but also leads you to an answer that is implied in his comments.

We need Keith Olbermann. He needs to be on television and build up a line up of voices he picks. He needs editorial control. Because then, and only then we can have a truly progressive voice out there, unemcumbered by corporatists who want to silence him.

We need Keith Olbermann.

Please come back soon.


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