Monday through Thursday

Just a reminder, this series began with the argument agaisnt the war with Iran. We have no reason to go in. Smack anyone who is for War with Iran!

I am fed up with the right-wing media, FOX News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Talk Radio and the list goes on and on whining about "Liberal Hollywood." Conservatives basically go on the attack under the guise of "Oh poor me." I mean, look at Scott Walker.

Cry baby Scott Walker would stare at Sean Hannity with his dead eyes whining about how Wisconsin is so mean to him, but the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove had wall to wall tv ads against the recall. And he would then add "Go to Scott Walker dot com and donate." That is how he bought the election.

There are plenty of media choices out there, however, not all of them are labeled properly. Be aware. 

I hope you all enjoyed this series. I had a blast making it for you and if you would like me to every once in a while do more of these, let me know. I need an excuse to watch more Chuck Norris movies.

Oh and the Expendables 2.

Wait, can I write that off?


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