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To all the male breeders who read this comic: Happy Father's Day!

So this was a way more epic moment by Mittins Romney than forgetting what a donut is. I love it when I just have to quote these people and do nothing else. So without further ado, here is the video of Mitt Romney talking about the sport.

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I have to say, supporters of Mitt Romney must not be very bright. His speeches are becoming increasingly more and more like word salad. They are not showing him in a very good light. He assumes because you are tall you must be good at basketball. That is a prejudice. Prejudice is different than racism. But it is a thin line for an elitist like Romney. 

In other news, billionare mobster Sheldon Adelson gave Mitt Romney's super pac 8 figures. Money doesn't equal speech, what it does do, and Wisconsin shows us how true this is; it equals votes.


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