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There it is. The last panel. That is my hope in this ordeal. That Palermo represents the hope we have shared in standing up to Scott Walker! That the middle class can be saved! Hope for these poor, mostly Hispanic workers who can't take it any more. They united together because only together can we all have fair work practices.

Wegman's, a great grocery story, just opened up where I live. According Palermo's website, Wegmans stocks their pizza. Just their thin crust pizza. I do not like thin crust pizza. I will not buy any until we win this fight, but I promise you, I will start buying Palermo's Pizza once they start treating their employees ethically. 

Worker rights are human rights.

If you haven't done so, sign the petition!

Now, once again, I ask you if you have the money and find it in your heart to help the workers of Palermo's Pizza while they are striking, please donate to their fund. Thank you.


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