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Okay, I am going to say this and I want everyone to listen up:


He may think he is. His robots may think he is, but he is not. He is a welfare queen. Do you need me to say that again?

Ron Paul is a welfare queen.

He as a congressman earned $174,000 a year as of last year. So wait, he earns that much *AND* collects Social Security? Mr. Libertarian, Mr. Personal Responsiblity does in fact use tax payer money to upgrade his flights to first class. He uses his Social Security. Flying back to Texas in his first class seat to pick up his welfare check. 

I am going to say something that you would never thought I would say. Ronald Reagan was right about welfare queens. But it isn't the black woman in the cadillac as most racists Republicans would say, no, it is a white man who flies around in first class who wants to take away from people who really need Social Security. Who lies to the American people that Social Security is broken. Want to see? Here is his hypocrisy in full effect:

Let's set a few things straight. Social Security does not add one cent to the national debt. If anyone tells you "It's broke"n or "It's why our debt is so high"; they're lying to you. They are either a liar or wilfully ignorant. It needs one simple fix to make it work. You and I pay in 6.20% of our income into Social Security. Any income earned over $110,100 is capped. You don't pay any more in. Therefore Ron Paul has put in less percentage of his income into the system and is getting money out of it. If Ron Paul paid his 6.2%, you know what? Social Security will be fixed forever.  

Accourding to my math, DOCTOR Paul only puts in  2.7% of his income into Social Security.

This is his leadership. Mr. Responsibility refuses to take responsablity once again. He takes advantage of the system and doesn't take responsibility for it. Also when people do things he disagrees with in his name, or claims he disagrees with them, he, as their leader, refuses to take any responsiblity.

You know what? If I ever met DOCTOR Paul, I would tell him to STFU! Because I am done with his hypocrisy.


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