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I am smitten with the cupcakes. I am. They make me happy. I want to start with something happy. Because that contrasts nicely with what's going to happen next. This story has its ups and downs. But we are on the ups, so here are the cupcakes:

Photo by Jenna Pope

My art never tasted so good. I hear they were eaten up quickly, too. As you can see between the arms of the ipad photographer only American flag cup cakes were left.

On a side note, that computer is how I was attending the victory party. I viewed it through the webcam. Arthur, won 3% of the vote. To me that is impressive. The weeks (I believe 2 weeks it was) he campaigned he did well. I am proud of him and I am proud of the small part I contributed to his campaign. I also want to say, I was inspired by an old Pepsi commercial. Remember this?


Next week: Back to the story!


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