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Welcome to Meet the Candidates Monday! This is a series in which I tell you who you should support. Each of these candidates really stands out for one reason or another and the first one is Roberta Retrum.

Getting to know her on Facebook as I have has been fun. She is smart, passionate about the issues, and a great choice to start off the series.

Plus she is fighting hard already for you, so let's vote for her Rhinelanders!

If you are a person of means or feel that you need to support Roberta Retrum please do.

Remember: August 14th in the 34th district. Please vote Roberta Retrum!

On a different note, the dome on the building behind Michael is gorgeous. It is green glass and looks beautiful on the inside. If you ever find yourself in Oneida County Wisconsin, check out their court house and take lots of pictures. It is a beautiful building and I hope to get a chance to visit it one day.


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