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Here are some thoughts on the media. Buddy Roemer pointed out some interesting polling results; he only had 15% name recognition but he had 7% support. However, the media virtually ignored him. You know, loyal readers that we here at Right About Now like Buddy Roemer. Why couldn't he break through?

Because corporate media chooses their own narrative.

Then there was the Brooks Brother's Riot. Because Karl Rove and the Republican machine know that optics win. 2009 created optics that conservatives that people hate healthcare so the corporate media and grassroots groups created a subconscious sense that the non-engaged voters vote with their heart. 

I know, I was one.

Can you believe it?

I started to see how my apathy and corporate media subconsciously influenced my vote. Or some of my opinions. In 2000 I wanted Gore to win. I voted for Ralph Nader, but I was living in Massachusetts at the time. When Reagan swept the nation in 84, Mass didn't vote for him. During Watergate people had "Don't blame me, I'm from Massachusetts" bumper stickers.

But even I, when I saw the Brooks Brothers Riot, realized that this passion only meant 1 thing: that Bush won. I was 23, what more do you want. We have to have news that pushes past the facade. News that challenges what you are thinking and what the optics of an event is.

Pocket sized Maddow, GO:

To be clear, I do not think Tom Barrett manipulated anything, however, when my "spidy sense" starts to tingle about the outcome of the election, I have to start thinking "Is there a reason that my spidy sense is tingling like this?" And the answer has been how the media covers an issue or candidate. It affects us.


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