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Tom Barrett is a forgettable candidate and Scott Walker is a forgettable speaker. When I watch Republicans speak (And I do that far more often than I am ready to admit) a lot are good speakers. Scott Walker is not one of them. He speaks in the same tone. Every interview and speech I have ever seen looks like this: 

My personal favorite was the "Some of my mom's best friends are black" speech on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2011. Nobody attended because he had not yet declared war on the workers of Wisconsin. He keeps his cool, I will give him that. But he is a lousy speaker. 

Tom Barrett didn't have time to distinguish himself, and in this story we will look at the reasons why. But I think the point is, if you are going to run for office, even as an insurgent candidate, you have to start early. Tom Barrett should have acted as a leader in the recall. He should have started early and spoke often. Because that is the only way we can combat the money in the election.

Then you wont be everyone's second choice. 

Then, the people can win over corporate money.


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