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Does Michele Bachmann try to see how ridiculous she sounds before she opens her mouth? I am sick of the media calling her smart. I mean, compared to Sarah Palin, she's a fricking genius, but that is setting the bar so low it's ridiculous.

The woman is crazy and wishes she was Joe McCarthy. She wishes she could be him and he was unhinged. 

Instead, last year Sam Sedar on the Majority Report called her smart. He, however is confusing inteligence with being disciplined. I mean a dog can be disciplined but does that mean that bitch should be in congress? No.

Speaking in full sentences should never be the base line of intelligence.

Now, as for John Boehner, it is public knowlege that he has been having an affair with a lobbyist for years. I think that the Speaker of the House should not be having "Deep Penetration" with a lobbyist because that is a conflict of interests. I mean who is he serving? Her corporate overlords or the American people?

I am not getting laid by her so I would have to say her corporate overlords.

See? I like Sam Sedar. I just happen to disagree with him on a point.


Yesterday was my birthday. And I want to not ask for happy birthdays, although I will accept them happily, but I ask you for help. As some of you may know, I have never been to Wisconsin. We need to fix this, I would like to see Wisconsin and spend several days at a workshop run by one of my favorite artists, Steve Rude.

I don't have the money to do this on my own, but with your help we can get me to Wisconsin. As one who is making an investment in my art, you can receive some art. Check out the video below and click on the link to donate and help me get to Wisconsin.

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