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Mitt Romney is an embarrassment to our country. Another reason not to vote for him. He makes me feel embarrassed that he is out in the world representing me. George W. Bush was an embarrassment. I went to Canada and had a wonderful night staying up until 6am drinking with people from all around the world talking politics. First of all, you need to know, I was dressed like this:

I miss that coat...

It was a hit. I had women in Toronto hitting on me in the streets. Unlike America, I never found the bad neighborhoods of Toronto so I am certain that they were not prostitutes.

I do have some stories about Baltimore.

But I digress... back to Canada!

I was staying at a youth hostel in Toronto. Groovy little place, an old building with a bar. People from all around the world were staying there. A couple of girls from England, two guys from Norway, 3 Austrailians who didn't travel together but ended up there and became friends and a dude from Vancouver. We talked movies, comic books, the new sci fi magazine I was just published in, music, philosophy and. of course, politics.

We were drinking and arguing about George W. Bush and the will of the American people. I was arguing the nuanced argument about how it is not the will of the American people and as we Americans learn about the atrocities of George W. Bush, we will turn against him.

This was the point when they realized I was an American.

My new freind from Vancouver was the first to say what everyone else was thinking: "Wait, you're an American? I thought--"

He was interrupted when some drunken frat guy appeared and yelled "YEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! What's up, cowboy!?!?"

All of us laughed at him.

My friend from Vancouver finished up his thought, "I thought you would be more like that!"

We then discussed how embarrassing it was being an American when George W. Bush was president. When I went out into the world I had to make sure that my fellow humans knew that I am not like that. It is embarrassing when someone who represents you makes you look like a fool.

George W. Bush was embarassing. He made a fool of himself and made a mockery of the United States. Sarah Palin is from that same mold. And now Mitt Romney is showing how much of a fool he is. It's not just making a cultural mistake. I mean John F Kennedy went up in front of the German people and said he was a jelly doughnut. Actually he didn't. But the point is how you embarrass yourself. George W. Bush was brash and prided himself on how he made an ass out of himself. Romney isn't pround, he just keeps making an ass out of himself.

To be fair, Bush made it an art form.

Okay, maybe I am not so embarrased by that...That was kinda awesome. But this is a president who harrassed a blind reporter for wearing sunglasses, exited to the wrong door when in negotiations in China and was barely coherent most of the time. When he found out the World Trade Center was hit, he sat there waiting for someone to tell him what to do, he had often fallen off his bike when he went riding it, and took more vacations then our most vacationist president ever, Ronald Reagan. Bush spent 967 days on vacation. That is 32% of his time on office on vacation. 

It looks like that is what kind of president Romney would be. An embarrassment. 


After I wrote this, Jay Smooth puts out a video that says what I said but better. Because that's what he does.

Ill Doctrine: We're On Awkward Tour, With Mitt Romney My Man from on Vimeo.

Trying to figure out what goes wrong whenever Mitt Romney interacts with members of the human species.

Music provided by Sabzi of Common Market,



July 14th was my birthday. And I want to not ask for happy birthdays, although I will accept them happily, but I ask you for help. As some of you may know, I have never been to Wisconsin. We need to fix this, I would like to see Wisconsin and spend several days at a workshop run by one of my favorite artists, Steve Rude.

I don't have the money to do this on my own, but with your help we can get me to Wisconsin. As one who is making an investment in my art, you can receive some art. Check out the video below and click on the link to donate and help me get to Wisconsin.

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