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Sometimes life imitates bad moments in society. Like when Polish immigrants came to this country and asked where the jobs were. They were told Chicago. They got as far as Chicopee, MA and they got off the train thinking they arrived in Chicago. Or at least that is the story told by 4th or 5th generation Americans of Polish descent from Chicopee.

Now Mitt Romney lands in Germany and is greeted by Polish Ron Paul supporters

I am certain it isn't a Chicopee moment. Although it was reported as such. None of the English stories I have found on this, nor what I saw on TV told me if this was a protest or a mistake. I think it is a protest but I am uncertain based on the reporting.

What I find scary, though, is this urge to back a Ron Paul type campaign which would only make things worse. Austerity is tearing apart Europe. There are protests from Spain to Greece and the oligarchs only want more austerity. Ron Paul doesn't want to adress the issue. Because he thinks that's not what government's job to do. Here is my thought on Ron Paul and any Republican who complains about the government: If someone believes that government never does anything right and they are running for public office, don’t vote for them! They are going to be bad at their job.

Ronald Reagan was a bad president (And destroyed our country. We need to undo the Reagan years.)

George W. Bush was an awful president and speed up the decay Reagan created. 

Our country is broken from people who are terrible at their jobs and yet advertise that government is the problem. If you feel that way, don't run for office.

Barak Obama was elected on a platform of changing this country. That was the mandate of the people. It still is and we are hungry for it. But something happened to Obama. Either he isn't the person we thought he was or his achievement of power corrupted him.

I would also like to offer a 3rd alternative from the Graphic novel RED. RED was an indictment of the type of bureaucrats not fit to serve that we often see from the Bush Administration. It was a lesson in Crony Capitalism. The book begins when a corporate buffoon is forced to watch a movie the first day on his job. He then understood what the CIA was about and then decided to have Paul Moses killed. Obama may have gone to the R Room, like in RED.

I think that the last idea is the least probable.

We need radical change, we do not need more of the same. The sad thing is, Obama probably isn't going to deliver that in his second term and Ron Paul will make the Bush years look like the Clinton years.

Sunday you will have 2 BachmannLands. Don't you just feel special now?


July 14th was my birthday. And I want to not ask for happy birthdays, although I will accept them happily, but I ask you for help. As some of you may know, I have never been to Wisconsin. We need to fix this, I would like to see Wisconsin and spend several days at a workshop run by one of my favorite artists, Steve Rude.

I don't have the money to do this on my own, but with your help we can get me to Wisconsin. As one who is making an investment in my art, you can receive some art. Check out the video below and click on the link to donate and help me get to Wisconsin.

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