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Let me begin to tell you how I discovered this comic. My daughter and I went to protest Scott Walker at the Koch Brother funded Americans For Prosperity's Defunding Defending the American Dream Summit. I met a nice blogger who was attending and we had a nice conversation. My daughter and I were the only people who showed up. 

I checked out his website and I read the comic "Life with Liberty."

Let me ask you this. do you really want to read "Life with Liberty?" Do you? Fine. Here is your link. It's not funny. And you can see the full quote by Andrew Riley in the comments, "Just being born a white man and not apologizing for it every day of my life is enough to make me a racist in the minds of some people. I don’t waste many brain cycles trying to please irrational people." Which proves that he doesn't waste many brain cycles thinking at all.

This comic so not funny it makes Mallard Filmore look like Garfield Minus Garfield. I mean he made a rape joke. Rape jokes should be left to the professionals and even then they get it wrong! Yes, Tosh, I am looking at you. If you make a rape joke, make it like this:

Instead, he went ahead and returned to "Black Brute" stereotype that says "African American men are inherently violent." This was his first comic. If you want to attract *THAT* audience, the kind that burns crosses and shoots Sikhs, then go for it. But if you want to be thoughtful, start wasting some brain cycles because over the course of your first four (And at the point of writing this there are 4) you started off with a rape joke with a negative racial stereotype, defended homophobia, used the word "Boy" when refering to an African American man and made a Mormon joke. None of which were funny.

Mr. Riley, I want to make it clear, I have not called you a racist. You have said some things that are racist. There is a difference. If you want to have that conversations, you can see I am willing to have it with you. I myself struggle with humor. How many BachmannLands are actually funny? Maybe 2. The rest are just really offensive. I even dropped the N-Word into a few comics just to make people squirm. I may have put words in people's mouths but I never changed their intent. I even put in long diatribes to make my point perfectly clear. But truly, the person who discussed this subject best is Jay Smooth:

Now, what can I add about hair? Not much. The idea of shaming came from Melissa Harris Perry's fantastic book Sister Citizen. When the Gabby Douglas flap started, all I could think about was this amazing segment on Melissa Harris Perry's show:

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You want more? Keep watching:

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We are not done.

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The last part is right here:

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July 14th was my birthday. And I want to not ask for happy birthdays, although I will accept them happily, but I ask you for help. As some of you may know, I have never been to Wisconsin. We need to fix this, I would like to see Wisconsin and spend several days at a workshop run by one of my favorite artists, Steve Rude.

I don't have the money to do this on my own, but with your help we can get me to Wisconsin. As one who is making an investment in my art, you can receive some art. Check out the video below and click on the link to donate and help me get to Wisconsin.

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