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I had to address this issue. In fact I will for the next two weeks.

I am sick of the hate. I am fed up with the violence. I am done with this crap. I will not live in fear. I will stand up to them. First of all, and most importantly, the enabler. The NRA. The NRA allowed this to happen. They wanted this to happen. Human lives should not be a tool used for sales. But they created this monster.

I am sick of the deregulation. There is smart government and then there is the government of the modern Republican party. Government should do things like roads, bridges, education, and defense, for example. These are things society needs, and government does a good job taking care of them, and, as long as the people check the government, with minimal corruption. We need the stick and the carrot. That is how government works with certain things. My 8-Year-Old is not responsible enough to drive a car, the state government sets an age in which the consensus of the people agree that someone is mature enough to learn how to drive. Then they are required to take Driver's Ed. Once they complete the class, they can be tested for a license. If they pass a test then and only then do they get their license. Now, to be fair, sometimes they are not ready for the responsiblity, but you know what? That happens. We, as a society, aid our youth in growing and hopefully their automobile accidents will be teachable moments.

Also cars are expensive.

The problem is people like Wade Michael Page can get a gun way too easily. He should have never been able to have gotten the gun in the first place. Where was the government to check to see if he was fit to own a weapon?

In the back pocket of ALEC who is sponsored by the NRA, writing laws for Scott Walker so his citizens can die in a terrorist attack.

Now, I like Obama's speeches. They are wonderful and if he could govern the way he talks, then we as a nation would be better off. But he is either too poor a leader or completely clueless how to get things done. As president, he can talk to Congress and submit legislation. However, he believes in bipartisanship and follows the meme of "If both sides agree then it must be bipartisan."

That is foolish. One side is wholly owned by its corporate masters and then the other side is mostly owned by their corporate masters. The same masters. They have the same agenda. Obama has never met a Republican idea he didn't agree with. But, Mr. President, you need to change. You need to grow start acting like a president, like a leader. You need to start working for the American people. We are dying out here and we need some relief. We need you to stand up and lead the way. You remember what it was like in Chicago. It's only gotten worse. Rise up, Mr. President, and follow through with your rhetoric. Please. Before more people die in a shooting, like the senseless one in Colorado or the one that is perfectly understandable, but no less tragic, in Oak Creek. 

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