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First off, let me apologize to my readers. In no way, to my knowlege, has Neil Armstrong ever raped anyone. I'm sorry for my friends at NASA and the family of Mr. Armstrong for being an addendum to what I posted, but as I was finishing these comics up, I was inspired with the words to remember Mr. Armstrong and to remind me of my goal as a child, to draw the first comic book in space. If anyone in NASA is reading this, and is interested in helping me do this, I'm game. It was people like Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride, who also left us recently that inspired that childhood dream and we should never stop dreaming.

Let's not forget how to dream.

Now, onto rape.

This is my take on what "Servant Leader" Todd Akin said; he is excusing rape. He is so mysoginistic that he believes that rape shouldn't be used to impede a man's success just because he is accused. This is the thinking behind how the military deals with the rape epidemic. We should be asking Mr. Akin, as well as Paul Ryan, Mike Huckabee, and Steve King, who have you raped?

Reddit had an interesting thread that is very uncomfortable to read but well worth your time where one or more serial rapists talked about why they do it. It's about power. And as David Brin said, "It is said that power corrupts, but actually it's more true that power attracts the corruptible." Rape is a gateway to power and those who seek it are already damaged in the head.

I mean, we know Todd Akin is a deplorable guy, and I would like to apologize for using the same image as I did before, but there aren't too many images avalible of him that I can use. We know that Steve King is repugnant, but Mike Huckabee? Mike Huckabee is the most pro-rape person in the comics. He went on a tour to promote "Conceived by Rape." By doing that it makes him appear to be a mysogynistic pig who thinks that rape is okay as long as you make some babies! 

Rape is never okay.

Anyone who tours around in a bus saying that any part of it is forgiveable, that babies from rape are okay by him, is justifying the next rape that one of his fans or followers commit. A woman should choose. Does she want to have this child that was forced upon her or not? It isn't an easy decision, and if she chooses to stop the 9-month reminder that she was violated, then she gets raped again, but this time it is the hateful anti-abortion protesters, and if she lives in Virgina and Pennsylvania, she might be raped a 3rd time by getting a medically unnecessary vaginal ultrasound or medicially wrong information.

Todd Akin, Mike Huckabee and Steve King are rapists in that respect, because they are also duplicit in the second and third rapes of a woman. Even the state sponsored rape. Now, when a case such as this happens, an estimated 80% go unreported, and about 5% result in pregancy. So we don't have the numbers. 

Having two children, I'm sympathetic to what a woman goes through in pregnancy. There is a reason why when Adam and Eve was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, God said In Genisis 3:16 "I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children." But it's more than that, you can't get comfortable, your feet swell, your legs swell, some women get pregancy onset diabetes, there are constant pains. And then, as in the case of my first born, my wife had Braxton/Hicks contractions 2-3 weeks before our daughter was born, and  with our second, she had pre-term labor, steroid shots, high amniotic fluid levels and Braxton-Hicks on top of that. Now, fellows, contractions hurt. Imagine a strong pulling and twisting pain in your pelvis and abdomen that gets stronger and stronger. Now imagine having that for a couple of weeks while your back and feet hurt and you can't ever get comfortable. Now imagine that this is a result of someone violating you and you are being forced by your government to go through this. When abortion was illegal, of the estimated 150,000 abortions that occurred annually in the US during the early 20th century, one in six resulted in the woman's death.


Because they couldn't bear going through the pregnancy. Throughout history women have found ways to stop pregnancies, sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Now, tell me, if you are truly pro-life, wouldn't you want to save the mother, too? Or would you rather have two dead bodies on your hands because you were complicit in the rape of the woman?


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