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I want to call this "Operation Glock Block." I think it's time we use the first amendment to embarrass these creeps who want to use the second amendment to keep us down.

Guns are created for one thing, death. It is how the tool is used, because, yes, if you shoot a deer you bring life to the people who eat it (Honestly, I'm not against hunting) but a hand gun is bought for one thing, to murder someone.

And it's been happening a lot.

I remember in 2008 I was in a political science class, and there was an ex-marine in my class. He had two kids and served honorably in Afganistan. He said something that, at the time, I couldn't dispute, and like me, when I argue with my friends, I want you to prove me wrong. I'll admit, I'm trained in art, not politics. I understand aesthetics and graphic design. I talk for hours about this stuff. However, you have to bring evidence to support what you're saying. He said to me, "Most people who legally buy guns don't commit crimes."

That, I hope we all know now, is not true. Adam Kind murdered Bo Morrison, George Zimmermann shot and killed Trayvon Martin, Aurora, CO, Gabby Giffords, Fort Hood, almost all mass shootings the guns are bought legally and now hundreds of people are dead.

The NRA is a terrorist orginization because their gun culture has created this problem. My studio is in Baltimore, and just 15 miles from where I work, a 15 year old with a shot gun walks into his cafeteria and opens fire. He seriously wounded a boy with Downs Syndrome. In fact, I've even been to this school and worked with the art students there. And a child pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Now, to be fair, we do not know the entire reason why he started shooting, but we do know his parents and the NRA are directly involved.  A sign near the front door had an image of a gun and the message: We don't call 911.

I started thinking, "How can we change the minds of people who are brain washed by this culture?" I mean it's one thing to be a hunter. I disagree with my step-father on many things, but I do respect that when I'm visiting all weapons, his rifle and crossbow, are in a locked room with no key (You have to pick the lock. Seriously.) But he, at least never around me, has said anything to the like about shooting anyone. Deplorable things about Mexicans, the President and gays, yes, but not murder.

That's what's wrong with the gun culture, they don't have anyone reminding them of Bo Morrison, of Treyvon Martin or any of the thousands upon thousands of deaths that the NRA has aided and abetted in. If "Operation Glock Block" doesn't interest you, maybe we should go with my other idea, an alternative to the NRA, a group that promotes gun safety, passing sensible gun legislation and has no ties to the gun industry. It's constitution must be written so the problems with the NRA don't repeat. The NRA helped with firearms control after JFK was assasinated. but somewhere in the last 60's early 70's it was taken over. Because it was captured by crazies who are guilty of murder, we have a mass shooting every week.

How many more people have to die before things get changed? Who knows. But if we remind them of every life they take, when we can find that common ground so the next Bo Morrison, the next Trayvon Martin doesn't happen.


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