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I have two confessions to make.

1) I've been on an ancient Greece and Rome kick. I've been working on creating a fantasy world for a project that has been gestating in my brain since 1997. I have a support structure to put the comic out, I just need a writer to help me. Because of that, I've been reading a lot of Greek and Roman histories. Watching a few, too. So that is why Michael is wearing a toga and why I've talked about Philip of Macedonia and why I made this:

2) It's hard to not write about how deplorable a canidate someone is running against is. Especially when she is running against Robin Vos. Robin Vos has commited Voter Fraud. Or atleast his wife has. But honestly, if you read the case, I ask you, how can Voter ID have stopped him from commiting voter fraud?

Kelley Albrecht is someone the people of Wisconsin gets excited about. That's important to me. I care about that because that means people have a better chance of winning. Also, she shares progressive values, which is also important.

I can't help but to think of a video I watched discussing a bike shop with an anti-Obama sign outside of it, and one guy just sighs and says, "Why can't he say anything positive about Mitt Romney instead of something negative about Obama?" 

Kelley Albrecht is someone you can say positive things about, she really wants to rebuild education, her goals include: Routing our resources back to the public schools and work to fix the real problems they are facing rather than forwarding the extreme Republican agenda, maintaining high standards for teacher certification, permitting only one charter per organization and keeping charter franchises from profiting over the children's best interest, promoting high quality neighborhood schools, and supporting social services to eliminate childhood poverty.

Plus she is impassioned and a hell of a good speaker. Don't believe me, watch this and tell me you are not moved by this:

Now tell me that does not get you fired up? 

With her focus on education, I can't help but wonder if she is amused by my Greek analogy.

As always, please check out her Facebook page and her website and if you can donate her to fight the Koch sponsered machine, donate here!


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