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Of course the audience loved it, it was a dottering old man showing signs of dementia at the Republican National Convention. No wonder they loved it, reminded them of Reagan.

Honestly, historically, Clint Eastwood is the kind of Republican I like. He is for gay marriage, is pro-choice, believes that global warming is man made and believes in gun control. However, he probably was trying to make up for the "It's Half Time in America" ad.

Honestly this week has been like manna from heaven for comedy. There was the "I'm not here to talk about his rape, I'm here to make sure everyone's having a good time." from George Englebach, Michele Bachmann saying, “Well, President Obama is extremely wealthy, he and his wife have been wealthy for a number of years, and so I think that’s really the issue.” and of course the Ryan lie fest.

You know what, I kinda felt bad for him. I mean he looked frazzled, he rambled a lot and he forgot what made "Any Which Way but Loose" funny, not him. It's like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he's funny when he's not the one delivering the punchlines. Unless the line is, in his serious delivery, "This one will live." Even then it was Edward Furlong that made that funny.

The real reason why I wanted to use an RNC comic was to say a few words about what was going on outside the convention. 

The police, from most every report I heard were very nice, with a few exceptions following orders. Unlike NYPD, they were not on a power trip because the money they were flushed with had not gone to their head. With that being said, with the enlarged size of the police and the armory, it makes one wonder how long before they start pepper spraying innocent people and start spying on brown people.

Don't believe me? One of the dispatches from Jenna Pope looked like this:

Hard to believe that's America, folks.

The empty down town, locked down for the enjoyment of the rich and Republican, like Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers, Condoleeza Rice and so on, is a perfect lesson of what America will be if we elect Mitt Romney. He will fast pace this police state into being and the streets will be empty because we will either be slaves to the oligarchs or in prison. We are teetering on Germany 1932, people. We need to wake up, or the war machine that has been building up since the time of Truman and excelerated by George W. Bush will march forth into the world, and it will be unleashed by the policies of Mitt Romney.

Yes, it is that dire.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Chair jokes.


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