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Do you really belive Scott Walker won fair and square? Maybe we should start having the UN investigate our elections, necause we sure as hell aren't.

This is the problem with privatization, how do you hold them accountable? Sue Wahl-Storbeck can't be held accountable. And she has the integrity of a wet papertowel that stabbed you in the back. When our founding fathers created this nation, they imposed a series of checks and balances. They looked to the Spartans. Did you know that the Spartan kings served not as 1 all powerful ruler, but as 2 kings with a term limit of 1 year and at the end of that year they held a trial? Spartan Government looks like this:

This is important becaise they believe in accountablity.

Every since Richard Nixon, Government doesn't believe in Accountablity. I mean ask yourself, why didn't Ronald Reagan go to prison for selling weapons to Iran and then giving the money to the Nicaraguan Contras which used that money to fund targeting health care clinics and health care workers for assassination, kidnapping civilians, torturing civilians, executing civilians, including children, who were captured in combat, raping women, indiscriminately attacking civilians and civilian houses, seizing civilian property, and burning civilian houses in captured towns.

When you privatize something you don't necessarily get disclosure or transparency.

That is not justice. That is not right.

Your team is not going to win every campaign. Fine. I understand that. However, if you can't hold the count accountable, then how can you have a fair democracy?


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