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This comic was hard to write because Tonya Lohr is running against Wisconsin's most extreme elected official.

Yes, in a state where Scott Walker's extreme cronyism and corporate communism runs rampant, Walker is not the most extreme elected official. That honor doesn't even belong to David Prosser, who put a State Supreme Court judge in a headlock because they had a disagreement. They're extreme, but they don't compare to Glenn Grothman.


When I write the comics, and I assume a small percentage of readers are reading my words, I want to raise the candidate up and not talk about who they are running against.

This time it was hard because when Glenn Grothman, who thinks that being a single mother is akin to child abuse and believes that preschool causes children psychological harm, is the person you're running against, it's really hard to focus on how good a candidate is because the incumbant is so bad.

But Tonya Lohr is great! She is an exciting candidate who understands, as someone who has been in the center of the community, how to best represent her community and how to support our teachers. One problem everyone has is just because you went to school, everyone thinks they are an expert. However unless you actually understand the principles of education and have practiced them, then you don't have an understanding of how to reform education, something college drop outs like Scott Walker just doesn't get.

For more information, you can visit Tonya Lohr's website, her facebook page and if you can and are moved to do so, please donate to her campaign.


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