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In my entire lifetime, all presidents have been conservative, from rightist Jimmy Carter to extremists like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. Bill Clinton is the best Republican president in my lifetime. With that being said, I wish we had a Kenyan socialist Muslim president and not the conservative who can give a hell of a progressive speech. We have always been a liberal nation with progressive ideas. Until Richard Nixon.

Something changed. The democrats were still in the post civil war transition to what we idealize the Kennedys as being, the Republicans, who have almost always have sold their selves off to the highest bidder, had chased the last of the progressives out of their party and invited in guns and God as their platform.

Progressives have never been welcomed in the Democratic party and thus we have two conservative parties.

The Democrats battle for old school conservatives and the Republicans are just insane.

The "Red Tide" had something to do with that.

After 12 years, Roger Ales, Dick Cheney and Pat Buchanan were ready for the Reagan revolution, because they are bastions of hate. At the end of the Reagan administration, he lifted the one thing that was stopping Roger Ales from becoming America's own Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was Hitler's Minister of Propaganda.

After the fairness doctrine was repealed, Rush Limbaugh took to the air and began darkening our radios with his hate.

This was also the time FOX television network began popping up in this country giving Rupert Murdoch a foothold in this country. Their lobbiests eroded laws at the FCC and we couldn't do what Reagan said, "Trust but verify." Reagan said a lot of wise things, but his shortsightedness in his actions has destroyed the middle class and made us lose our position as a world leader.

Putting the second least popular living president (And after Nixon died and before his son was elected, he was the least popular) into office by using a machine that would 1) have no way to verify the results and 2) be used by the CIA to manipulate elections around the world, has made America a very ugly place.

Conservatism and austerity always ends poorly for a given country. Let's hope that in 2016 we will have a truly progressive alternative.


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