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Here we go, Chicago style! That's right this deep dish Right About Now gets deep. We are taking it to Obama!

Obama, it's your move. Do you know where your comfortable shoes are? You failed the people of Wisconsin. You need to win that state and to do that, make this promise happen:

You know what, from the moment you said that, I knew you personally wouldn't be walking the picket lines, but you have the power to do something. Rahm's your bitch, show him who's in charge and stand up for the teachers and Wisconsin may be a bit more enthusiastic about you. 

Republicans already accuse you of being on the teachers' side. That's the side the American people are on. Embrace it. Make it yours and let's move this country forward.

Hey, that's a great campaign slogan, maybe you should try it.

If you are unfamiliar with what's happening and why it's importaint, please, watch this:


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