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I am sick and tired of this racism that abounds from the right. I'm sick of it. I'm sick Mitt Romney saying the opposite of everything Obama says, I'm sick of him speaking first and making himself and our country look foolish.

And if you vote for him, you make yourself look foolish.

There is not much I have to say about that smarmy little prick. That smirk when he stepped off stage after his press conference, it just makes me so mad. 

I have just about had it with this election. And I do *THIS* for a living.

Now, on to the video that sparked all of this, fake Terry Jones had not made the hate video, but he endorsed it. And honestly I hope real Terry Jones stands up to him and take his name back.

If you have not seen "Never be Rude to an Arab" I will warn you it is not safe for children or people who are not white, but it is very funny.

My apologies to the real Terry Jones, I'm sure he agrees with my sentiment. 

Also, Terry Jones is totally a parrot.

There is a wonderful Douglas Adams documentary narrated by past Right About Now guest star Neil Gaiman called "Life, the Universe and Douglas Adams." It was a great documentry that came out right after Douglas Adams passed away, and it is a beautiful tribute to him. At one point in the film, Terry Jones was going to play a parrot in the video game "Starship Titanic" written by Adams, and he said "But Douglas, I don't know how to play a parrot." And Douglas Adams told him, "Terry, you're always a parrot, just be yourself."

I couldn't find that clip, but here is the whole film, enjoy.


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