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There is something infectiously appealing about Jim Crail. Every time I chat with him he has this energy about him that is kind of inspiring. He also maybe the only candidate who read my comic before I got to know him. His energy (probably from the fact he is also a runner, runners are like that) is part of why I made him this:

Coffee with CrailHe understands that he is a representative of the people. That the best way to understand the needs of the people he represents is to listen to them, and I hope he continues this when the good people of the 55th assembly district vote for him. I know if I was an elected official, I would do the same. Having coffee on a regular basis would allow him to know the needs of the constituents.

I hope one day to join him for one of these kaffeeklatsches. I have a feeling they would be worth going to. And he runs them every week.

There is a secret about the picture I made for him. That is not his hand, I just found one online that would work. Also, his mustache doesn't show up very well when I run his photos through filters. But trust me, he has a 'stache.

Jim Crail will bring his infectious energy to the Wisconsin assembly and will serve the people in the Wennebago and Outagamie Counties.

I have to say, it's refreshing that a man who makes his living with his head in the clouds has remained so grounded.

As always, for more information you can visit his facebook page and his official website. You can follow him on twitter at @crailfor55 and if you have it in your heart and can afford it, please make a donation to his campaign.



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