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How can Eric Holder and the Obama justice department not investigate Kathy Nicholas? I mean seriously! Here is a woman who has a history of mysterious election results which at the very least should be investigated. That is why she is an elected official, because she can be held accountable to the people. We have records of what she did. Private corporations don't have that advantage, which is why some things,like elections, shouldn't be privatized. 

Obviously the quote from the speaker at the tea party rally was borrowed from the now infamous quote from State Sen Mike Turzai of Pennsylvania.

Also, we see the return of my infamous tea partier. Now he has a gun. How does he have a gun? I mean he was arrested and convicted of assault with his out-of-state buddy for punching out a Solidarity Singer. I would bet good money that the real tea partier who was my inspiration has guns legally, and someone who would commit assault like that? They have no need for a gun.

Sadly that tea partier has a place in my heart because he is the second character that ever showed up in my comic.

Just kidding, but I'm glad he's in reserve so I can use him to make a point. Wait, I wonder what point I'm going to make? Keep reading and find out! 


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