Monday through Thursday

I did not make the obvious joke. Nor will I. 

Mainly because the kids these days don't get it.

Man I sound old. GET OFF MY LAWN!

Now, onto Pat Kreitlow!

He's a candidate whom I don't know personally, but he got an enthusiastic recommendation from Roberta Retrum, so I had to cover him. I mean she is fully supporting him with incredible exuberance. Candidates that activists like her are exuberant abou are the kind that we need in office.

Plus, he wants to work for the people and not corporate interests, which is important for a candidate for the US House of Representatives. He needs to be in Washington DC where he can make a difference. His experience as a legislator fighting hard against the Scott Walker regime would be greatly needed in the fight against corporate personhood. We need a voice that knows Wisconsin values in Washington DC. 

Please, if you want more information, please check out his website or his Facebook page. And if you can and find it in your heart, make a donation.


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