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Mother Jones wrote a great article on this group that put out this ad, and you should read it. BUT first let me tell you a few things that I learned in researching this company. Also, if you are a reporter reading this, please take my research and expand on it because you can do far better than myself who is just a lowly Webcomic artist who pretends to be a writer.

First, let's watch the ad in question:

You can see this ad is very deceptive and comes across as reasonable. What it does, is it tries to go to your heart and convince you with these believable people that you should vote for Scott Walker.

The same group has a pro-fracking campaign set up to frack upper Wisconsin. That second frack is the kind of frack the talk about on Battlestar Galactica. It will frack the water, frack the land, frack the air. Don't frakin' believe me?

Now on a more serious note, it looks like once Scott Walker tries to run through breaking agreements with Native Americans and ripping up their land so he and his sipporters can get rich, he will probably open the rest of Wisconsin to the fraking invasion.

Now, this is speculation, but with the history of Scott Walker and watching how these groups are all tied together, it's interesting. Tomorrow, I will drop another bombshell on you about this group, one you will totally see coming once I lay some fraking facts on you, brother! So stay tuned!


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