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Correlation is not causation, just as someone working for the Koch brothers before doesn't mean ties with the Koch Brothers now. However, like when you see a correlation, this requires more investigation.

There you have it. This was the ad that leaked into the mainstream media. They saw this on the surface and by the time anyone had a chance to dig in further, it was Election Day. Pretty damn sneaky. Also lazy from my standpoint. I remember watching some show on MSNBC and someone said this and I knew that was false because I knew people on the ground. Both sides were passionate and this threw water on the right side by clogging their subconscious with this bad reasoning.

It's ugly.

Before you parrot someone, you best be sure to know who they are and why they say what they say. Because I know when I wasn't paying much attention, I would echo news I would hear. It's wrong. Think about what you see. Think about what it means and then, THEN you can repeat it. But think. Because if you do, the world is a better place...


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