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First, let me thank the awesome Randy Bryce. He is a hero to me. Thank you for letting me use your name and your likeness in my comic. Your work is important to the progressive coalition, and you humanize labor which the right makes faceless and scary. Your work as an activist has been an inspiration and I will touch on that on my comments for Thursday.

On to Melissa Lemke!

During the primary, yes I supported Randy Bryce, but he sold me on her. I built on his words and edited it to fit the format of the comic and the meet the candidate series. Then I realized, "Dude, it would be better to have Randy Bryce to deliver this message." As I learned about Melissa, I saw a passion which the 62nd district is lucky to have. She is different from what her primary opponent would bring. Where Randy represents the organized labor wing of the progressive coalition, who physically built this, Melissa has built the community through the people.

Then the way she had to include what Randy brought to the ticket was incredible. She knows that a community is the people and the best way to represent her community is to talk to the people who also are trying to represent their community. At the heart of the matter, that is what an elected offical is supposed to be. That is how an elected official is supposed to act when in office. When she wins this election, she will call up Tom Weatherston, the Republican candidate and find out some of his ideas of representing the district so she will represent all the people in Racine.

That is why you should vote for Melissa Lemke. 

(Did you see the poster I made for her?

Oh yes I did!

All right, as always, for more information about Melissa Lemke, please visit her website or her facebook page. If you find it in your heart and are able, please donate to her campaign.

If you read I part of this storyline, tomorrow begins perhaps *THE* most important story to read before the election. Now how's that for the tease?


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