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True the Vote, the tea party backed voter suppression group will be taking your picture. You have the right *NOT* to have your picture taken.

According to LegalMatch:


Three Grounds for Stopping the Use of Your Likeness

There are three possible ways to stop your image from being used by a website:

Invasion of Privacy - if the website posts a false of highly offensive portrayal of your image, there may be an invasion of your privacy. Also, an invasion of privacy may occur if the picture was taken by some means of intrusion into a situation where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Right of Publicity - if your image is used for commercial purposes, your right of publicity may be infringed. This right only applies in a commercial context and it must be that your image is used to sell products or your image is used in such a way at to imply that you endorse the product. Also, the public must be able to identify your image. This right extends beyond an individual's likeness and can include one's voice, performance style, and name. This right falls within the category of intellectual property.

Defamation - if the image creates a false impression and injures your reputation, there may be a claim for defamation. A picture that is simply unflattering is not enough to make out a defamation case. Rather, the image must portray you in a false manner and cause people in the community to think less of you.


Now, I am no legal expert. Let me say that right now, however, if someone from True the Vote takes your picture, they are doing it to shame you. This is a fact and that you have the right to ask how it will be used. They have the right to tell you because it is your likeness. You have the right to ask them to delete the picture, or at least you don't want them to use the image because of invasion of privacy, right of publicity or protection against defamation.

Know your rights! Let's fight True the Vote! Because they only want to end with the result to have Mitt Romney winning, which nobody should have to see.


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