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This is a fictional account of Jim Crow era voter suppression. However, the story of Adia's grandfather is the story of the people of the south with the few who actually could vote.

Interesting story about Raymond Love: He was the 1962 version of my hero, Randy Bryce. He was an Iron Worker and labor rights activist who ran for Congress and lost, however, his activism lead to an investigation that found actual voter fraud that lead to a do-over election. J. Carlton Loser was the Democratic incumbent of the 5th congressional district, which was the Nashville area at the time. He was primaried by Richard Fulton and (According to Wikipedia) "minor candidate" Raymond Love. There were inconsitencies and Fulton and Love began writing articles that ran on the front page of the local news paper, and brought a law suit in which a judge called for a new primary. Fulton won the seat, leaving Love lost to history. Fulton was one of the few southern Democrats that voted for the 1964 voting rights act.

I randomly picked the 1962 election to write about. It was probably the last election without the voting rights act. Plus, that could be an election for Adia's grandfather would have voted in. I picked Tennessee because it wasn't Mississippi or Alabama. When I read about the story of Richard Fulton I became obsessed trying to find out more information on Raymond Love to no avail. I couldn't even find any of his articles from the Nashville Paper.

Richard Fulton is still alive and lives in the Nashville area. Maybe next time I'm down there, I'll look him up and see if I can find out if there is more to the story of Raymond Love. I know a certain iron worker in Wisconsin who would also like to know. If you know anything, please let me know.


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