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I've been wanting to find a way to express how insulting Scott Brown's racist assertions and his hateful staff are, and how they have treated Elizabeth Warren. Like her or not, is one thing, but when your staff does the "tomahawk chop" and you assert she "doesn't look indian," that's offensive. I realized this Columbus Day what the problem really is. Our own ignorance.

Actually, this was the following day; I was working in my studio, and when I work, I listen to news programs on podcast. First up was The Big Picture with Thomm Hartman. I love it when he goes all history professor on us and he ties in something historical and equates it to today . This more than makes up for when he brings on a corporate owned "Libertarian" hack and they yell at eachother. I was happy because Monday's episode had two segments involving his more professorial monologues. Only one problem, his monologue was good, but his conclusion bothered me.

If you want to watch it you can see it here, because I can't embed it. It's really good. But his conclusion was just "Happy Tieno Genocide day." There was no call to action, or what you could do to help, it was just Professor Hartmann and his lecture without context.

Then I watched Democracy Now! Although Amy Goodman covered the same history, she had a call to action which inspired me:

Because of those brave women who were featured in this clip, I was inspired. I hope you are too. Let's change Columbus Day into Native American day. Let us recognize the genocide our country was built upon and remember who it was our ancestors stole from, but do it in a way where we lift up our current generation. Let's make a day so my children won't have to live in a world with the ignorant hate of Scott Brown but an understanding of their heritage. So unlike Elizabeth Warren and myself, my children won't be divorced from their heritage.


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