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I opened this comic with a quote from a Wisconsin historical site. It's worth your time to read and it's short. When I say "Wisconsin is a progressive state," look at the history and tell me if you disagree.

Tammy Baldwin may not have built this, but she has spent her time in office to allow us to build Wisconsin. She is a great candidate and when Scott Walker tried to destroy Wisconsin with his breaking the Unions and selling off Wisconsin, she stood with the people of Wisconsin. When George W. Bush led the American people into a war, Tammy Baldwin stood against him and voted against the war. When Alberto Gonzalas and Dick Cheney took away our rights and betrayed the American people, she co-sponsored legislation that would impeach them.

Time and time again she stood up for the American people. Writing bills for veterans' health care and women's rights. And she is wonderful on gay rights. 

How can you not support her?

So, ready more information? Here is her facebook page and her website. And, as always, if you can and you find it in your heart, please donate to her campaign.


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