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The sad thing about Michele Bachmann is that she is just the tip of the evil/crazy GOP iceberg. I mean, when you have people like Todd Akin and his talk of "legitimate rape" and assertion that there is "no science behind evolution."  And this man is on the House Science committee. Forgot trying to enforce his personal, religious based values; just the sheer level of ignorance and outright stupidity is astounding. Though perhaps these days it's naive to think that someone on a science committee would have some understanding of...oh, i don't Which is why his fellow Science committee, Paul Broun is such a joke. He claims evolution is "lies from the pit of hell" 

However, Akin may have just met his match in despicableness with this guy: Roger Rivard who makes the truly stomach churning and backward claim that "some girls just rape so easy"- i.e. they don't want to take personal responsibiity for sex, so they claim to be innocent victims. This ties in with the whole "legitimate rape" idea of "don't believe these girls when they say they were raped- they either want an excuse to kill their baby or ruin some poor boy's life." It's misogyny at its most despicable and, sadly, it is not atypical reasoning for conservatives. Which is why Charlie "parents should kill their unruly children" Fuqua and Jon "I endorse slavery" Hubbard are just par for the course.

These nut jobs are why I've been sitting on the comic since Michele Bachmann uttered these words. She was a special kind of crazy to say such a thing. Michele Obama slips into DC area targets to shop for her and her kids and goes out in clothes from the Fashion Bug. Although the Obamas can afford better quality clothing, they choose not to in order to keep them in touch with everyone else.

However let's look at Walmart. If Walmart was a country, they would be China's 8th largest traiding partner. They pay their employees so little, that we have to pay over $40,000 per store in food stamps for their employees. Walmart if a poverty trap, sending our money over seas and paying so little, is it any wonder that their employees are striking?

Honestly, there is one thing the federal government can do, it is to raise taxes on the 1%. Back in the "good ole days" the 1% paid about 90% federal tax tate. Does that sound high? Perhaps. But it didn't send the rich away, like in some fevered Randian dream, because we taxed so much, it made these people reinvest in their company to keep their taxes down. This reinvesting allowed the middle class to grow and prosper. Don't believe me? Take it from this guy:

He only touched on these things. Now people like Paul Ryan often cite John F. Kennedy: that he lowered the marginal tax rate for the rich, which he did, but they neglect to mention that he lowered it from 90% to 70% and cut tax loopholes, thus not reducing the taxes coming in, thus not exploding the debt. Supply side economics or trickle-down economics, or voodoo economics or Regannomics or whatever you want to call it never works. Never has worked and never will work. Because people who suggest that don't understand not just how the economy works, but how science works. The scientific method is what out country is built on.

When you do a test in this method and you find a result you test it again and again. When you come up with a result then you see if your hypothisis is supported or not. If it is supported you then have a theory. Tax cuts on the rich have never worked. Let's stop this experament and move onto what we do know that works.

If they persist, then I suggest we follow in the footsteps of good ole "Amtrack Joe" and laugh in their faces, because they are not serious. They are a joke. They'll just sit there and drink their water and pout while you school them on the facts. Because that is the only humane thing to do. That makes sense to me and Joe Biden:

When we are done laughing at them we then explain that Walmart represents the future of America. If the federal government doesn't force the owners to reinvest, then the employees have to. When Walmart pays their employees a fair wage, when they start to make the work place safer, when they invest in quality merchandise, then and only then will America begin to rise again. Economics are about the right balance. Government, big business and we the people are all part of this ecosystem. When you put things oput of balance in the ecosystem species start to go extinct. Same thing with the economy, which is why the strikers at Walmart have to win. If they don't, the middle class will go extinct.

I am putting together a fund raiser for the strikers at Walmart. I don't have all the details yet, however it involves selling tee shirts and the money goes to the Walmart strikers. Stay tuned for shirts that look like this:


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