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I think there is more that can be done. But here are the facts: It is illegal for someone to view your information besides you and the pollworker. If someone who is not a pollworker is attempting to view your or someone else's information, call the FBI at 1-800-253-3931.

If there is someone taking pictures in the room where we vote, and they don't look like media or your neighbor, it is illegal, call the FBI at 1-800-253-3931.

If someone challenges your right to vote, call the FBI at 1-800-253-3931.

I believe in top down and bottom up solutions. You never meet in the middle because top down solutions don't quite work entirely, however, when we the people support our leaders and we help them, then more gets accomplished from a top down solution. It's not all one or the other. It's both. We need to support those at the top, and we need to take action. Elijah Cummings is someone at the top that needs our support. He alone cannot take down True the Vote, for they are probably funded by the Koch Brothers in some way. And the mainstream media are covering them like they are a dozen people in Houston who won't make a difference.

The media has failed us. They are either corporate owned or conservative or both. That's a serious problem. We the people must pressure the government and the media to report the stories correctly. And it's up to we the people to prevent True the Vote from stealing the vote.

We have an inportant ally. An ally that is close to my home, in fact, he is closer than my own representative, John Sarbanes. (And yes, there will be a Meet the Candidate on him.) However, Elijah Cummings is someone who makes me proud and I'm glad he represents the great state of Maryland and the work he's doing. He's working from the top, this is how we can support him from the bottom:

You can get more information about him from his Website (Including the kicking letter he sent to True the Vote) and his facebook page and if you are able and it is in your heart to do so, you can donate to his campaign. Thank you.


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