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So here it is, debate night. Refreshing not to be sweating my deadline reading article after article on Raw Story and saying to myself, "I can't use that, just how many rape jokes will my audience want to read?" Well, I can't  say I will never run another rape joke, however, I think after doing 3 in one day,I should probably give them a rest. Not to say that mocking pro-rape people, such as Todd Akin, Mike Huckabee, Steve King, the most deplorable man in politics isn't important.

But we aren't here to talk about rape, we're here to talk about how much Mitt Romney appreciates wind jobs.

I began during the debate trying to make an image of someone on their knees in front of Romney and putting that line there, but I decided that it was kind of tasteless and I can do better. I mean, let's be honest, Mitt Romney is too robotic to pick up women in bars. Besides, you would think a Stepford wife would build her robot husband to be absolutley loyal to her. And a wind job probably has something to do with his cooling fan when his processor gets overheated trying to do the math of his budget. By the end of the debate, we had binders full of women. Then I had a comic. And I also got to see the robot Mitt Romney malfunction at the end of the debate. I hope that in the next debate, he goes on a robotic killing spree and takes out half the audience with his eye lasers.

With that I'm going to bed.


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