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Back before Paul Ryan was picked as veep, I was told by several people that Rob Zerban was a guy I should be including. Not just because he is running against Paul Ryan, which already makes him infinitely more qualified, but as Randy Bryce put it, "He's the real deal."

Full disclosure, Randy Bryce has done some work for the Zerban campaign. But someone like he or Roberta Retrum do it not because they are partisan (which they may be) but because they are passionate about the change that electing these people could bring about.

That kind of passion makes me want to support these candidates.

Rob Zerban is a passionate and charasmatic speaker who, I have a feeling, will make Paul Ryan a two time loser this year.

As always, if you want more information, visit Rob Zerban's Facebook page, his website, and if you want to and if you can, you can donate here. Thank you.


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