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I was in Washington DC (You will hear my story on Friday, it will be awesome) and I was shocked when Rachel Maddow not only called the race but then showed Scott Walker's victory speech. Now, there was nothing illegal in Scott Walker making that speech, but it was Machiavellian. It was in essence a disenfrachisement of people like Keith, who worked hard all day bringing people to the polls and decided to vote at the end of the day, the single mother who has to work two jobs only to wait hours to make her voice heard. He was trying to stop that from happening by psyching them out.

Scott Walker does not care about the people in Milwaukee who worked all day on that beautiful June day, he cares only about gaining and maintaining power.

I was stunned that night, and I couldn't sleep, but I never heard why the race was called so early. The very first results aired on Maddow had Mitchell spanking Kleefisch. But then the results turned right around. The bar I was at, everyone was looking at me when I pointed to those results and hollered. For that moment, the year I have been working on Right About Now was going to pay off for something and then, CNN called it for Walker. 

FOX called it for Walker.

MSNBC called it for Walker.

Exit polls be dammed, the press was giving it to Walker.

Momey, it seems has supressed the people. My heart broke and I cried many tears for my brothers and sisters of Wisconsin.


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