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I am not saying that Scott Walker is an illegitimate governor and I demand to see his birth certificate, I am saying that there are some valid questions that have not been answered, and it looks like the fourth estate, the press, is not asking the right questions. It's the job of the press to be a part of the check and balance system that our government is. It is not supposed to be privately owned. 

Now, we all know FOX news is the official news outlet of the Republican Party, but why did CNN and MSNBC not question the speedy results? Especially with a tied exit poll. That should have meant that it should have been a long night. Milwaukee kept their stations open late, which means every vote should have been counted and this election should have fallen with-in the margin of error.

But no, it was called shortly after most of the polls closed with less then 20% of the vote in and people were still voting.


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