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First of all, Happy Halloween. 

Secondly, how's everyone doing? Somehow as I write this Sandy is blowing through and I somehow still have electricty.

So who else felt burnt out after the election?

Now with that, some background on what happened. A guy went dumpster diving behind his local polling place and found a bag full of election materials. He turned it into local Racine police and wished to remain anonymous. Then, as if on cue, the right exploded. Cries of voter fraud! OMG! My question is 1) Who is this guy? 2) What was he doing in a dumpster? 3) Why didn't he have the police come out and investigate the crime scene, because that bag could have come from anywhere, and 4) How do we know that this man of mystery isn't the one trying to commit voter fraud? I mean we don't know who this man is.

I have not been there, but from the photos I've seen, Cesar Chavez Center does not sound like a place to go dumpster diving, unless you are looking for something.


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