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I hope that this is the last BachmannLand with Mitt Romney. And because of the complete fizzle of Michele Bachmann, I have a feeling this could be the last"This Week in BachmannLand" ever. I'm thinking of renaming this comic starting next week. Something more timeless. 

What will it be? Beats me. But I hope I never have to write about Mitt Romney ever again. Anyone else think he's irrelevent? 

I just put together a joke out of Mitt Romney statements and tied it together with a punchline.

First up, He said he would privatize FEMA. Before I started this project I was going to make a comic about post Katrina New Orleans called "The Seen." The one thing that is forgotten is George W. Bush did privatize the rescue. That lead to racism where African Americans were treated like second class citizens (Which was documented nicely in Melissia V. Harris Perry's book Sister Citzen. Read it.) Because rescue isn't profitable, they waitied until it was too late. I believe in a balance. That if citizens have too much control life becomes, as Thomas Hobbes said "nasty, brutish, and short." People without society, Barbarians by Roman definition (Or Libertarians by modern definition) resort to their base instincts. They kill indiscrimately, they lie and cheat. Short and Brutish. That is why we form civil society, and that is represented by the commons which is government, which is not to rule over everyone but to be a counter weight to the base instincts. Where there is injustice, government is to find justice, where there is danger, government is there to protect us. But as Government is the counter balance to our base instincts, we must counter balance the government. Finally there is industry. Industry is a creation separate from Government that provides things that Government shouldn't be involved with like farming and making blue jeans. This has been described as the free market. This is what we in civil society do. But as Government is there to protect the people, industry is there to serve the people. The Government sets standards so we don't eat food that will kill us or drive cars that are not safe and, with the people, sets a standard of quality for certain products. In a perfectly balanced society, we have chaos on one side, communism on another and the third side is fascism. Getting rid of certain regulations tips us towards fascism and so does voting for Mitt Romney.

I did not expect to write a civics lesson.

Mitt Romney was foolish enough to compare the hurricane disaster to cleaning up a football feild. When you hear it in context you also realize that he is also a Libertarian, because what if you are the only one who takes care of your lane? Who will be there to make sure you do your work?

Not Mitt Romney, he will be busy raising fees on the blind. 

Voting in Mitt Romney will definitely tip America into a fascist direction. Now let us remember the true definition of a Fascist: The merger of government and corporations. Corporations are industry on steriods. When you tip the balance in that direction you are a degree closer to Nazism which is not that far from the far right's coalition of hate.

Let us not forget the only reason he couldn't hire "illagals" was because of his running for office. Reallly? So you would exploit a slave class in this country if you felt it didn't make you look bad? Come on.

What a prick. Would you really want a president who throws a temper tantrum when someone says something he doesn't like? Seriously. My children are more mature than he is. Whine, whine whine. And then he had to run and get his Mommy, "Anderson, Rick Perry is being mean to me." Worse than my four your old.

The worst part is the lack of understanding that being in this country is not against the law. Crossing the border is against the law. It's just like if you were speeding and then you stopped, does that make you an illegal driver? No. If you think that, then you vote for fascism and Mitt Romney. Don't believe me, watch this:

Finally, yes Friday former Dictator er President George W. Bush is in the Cayman islands discussing the benefits of evading your taxes. Happy now? Because that is investing in America. No it's not, any one who does that, in my eyes, by their own definition is an illegal and they have a very marginalized place in civil socity.

Here it is, friends don't let friends vote for Mitt Romney, because if you do let them, they either want a post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max to come to fruition, or they're a racist or a moron. Chances are they are some combination of the three choices and come-on, if you're reading this, you deserve better friends than that.


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