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I'm sick of Mitt Romney, I'm sick of the sicko fascists who support him. Every candidate lies, but there are lies of what they do. Mitt Romney's lies are about his life in BachmannLand. Mitt Romney has shown he has no moral core and guess what, he is having an ethics investigation.

Obama is no saint.

He is a war criminal, and has no clue how to use his bully pulpit. He needs to get up there and name names. Sadly I have to vote for him to guarantee Mitt Romney doesn't win.

I do have a feeling that Obama has a good heart. His flawed health care bill was initiated because he does care. And here is the problem, he wants to compromise, but compromise is not what the Republicans are capable of. He should have learned that. If I go into politics, I guarantee I will make some enemies because I serve the people and I'm not there to make friends. Obama is trying to make nice with all sides. That's a problem.

I lived in Massachusetts when Mitt Romney was Governor. I saw the economy stall under Romney, I saw my taxes go up. I saw it became more expensive to live there. I saw him fight against healthcare and gay rights. Don't you dare tell me he won't rape our country in the same way.

I wish I could write today's comic and beg you to vote for Jill Stein. She deserves to be president. Here's my problem, in 2000 I voted for Ralph Nader and George W. Bush won. I'm worried about voting for the green ticket  lest the republicans win again.

But I will give you nine more reasons to vote for Barack Obama: The Supreme Court. If we allow Romney to be elected, he would have Robert Bork as his judicial advisor.  If you don't know who Bork is, he was Reagan's choice for the supreme court and when people saw this man was nothing more than a bigot and an extremist he was voted down. He was for poll taxes. Seriously. He was for poll taxes. This worthless blob of racist sub-human, is MITT ROMNEY'S JUDICIAL ADVISOR. He's going to help Mitt Romney pick a justice? No way.

Finally, Obama, before he was president, understood global warming:

Does that mean anything today? I'd like to think so, but it has to take us to stand up and let him hear the voice of the people. It is up to us to keep the pressure on him to make this change possible. He has begged us to do that and he has sided with the people in mass protests. Even the corporate owned tea party protest. Bill Clinton did the same thing but he did it wth more finesse.

Let's keep the pressure on him. But let's vote for Obama, because we can't afford the alternative.


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