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You can see Jill Stein is my choice. But this is a fight she isn't ready for: Rocky Anderson, Roseanne Barr, and Buddy Roemer, please think about what I said. We must use these next 4 years to build the groundwork and the public knowlege of who you are. 

Quite honestly, Roseanne, you are the one with the most potential to accomplish this. You are the one who has the money to sustain this. I still think Jill Stein is the best person for the job.

Of course, I've bragged I voted for Jill Stein in 2002 when I was living in Massachusetts. She was fantastic and a much better choice than Mitt Romney. Nobody talks about how the Democrat was the spoiler in that race. Hell, Rachel Maddow never asked her to speak about how she is running against Mitt Romney again and she is not only from Massachusetts but talks about her memories of that gubernatorial race.

I was there. I remember Jill Stein.

I'm not saying my plan doesn't have its flaws, but that is where coalitions come in. Labor does not have a friend in Barack Obama. In 2008 he promised to march with major protests. Now to be fair, I never expected him to be there. I did expect him to get behind the podium and stand with the people of Wisconsin. To blast his friend Rahm and stand up for the teachers of Chicago. Time and time again he failed to stand with labor. Wisconsin got a tweet from him the day of the recall. A tweet. That was it.

This progressive coalition needs labor. We need Unions.

This progressive coalition needs conservatives. I was talking to a very nice anarchist, and I love it when he comments because I don't always agree with him but I sure as hell respect him. He was talking about the difference between an anarchist and a libertarian. I realize what the difference is, an anarchist will stand up to fascism, a libertarian won't. However, that being said, we need to find that middle ground with the libertarians, the Anarchists, the Greens, the enviromentalists, the bull moose party, occupiers and what have you and we need to tell the corporatists in Washington that WE THE PEOPLE are taking back our country. Because if Jill Stein or Rocky Anderson or Roseanne Barr or Buddy Roemer builds this coalition, then maybe we can save our country. Until then, we have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils. 

Although, I don't think Obama is evil per se, I just think he is being corrupted by being there and corrupted by his tendency to bend over backwards just to be bipartisan. Because I do believe there is some difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. Just not much.

And truth be told, I would rather have a Democrat anyday over 99.999% of Republicans.

Please, Jill Stein, my webcomic is your tool to start a push for 2016, and starting tomorrow, I'm at your disposal.


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