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Mitt Romney lost!


That makes me happy. Although Jill Stein, the best candidate in the 2012 election didn't win, at least we have a president that can be somewhat moved by big actions and the media. We need to continue to put the pressure on him. Tomorrow we wake up and we fight just as hard. Just now we don't have to worry about the Supreme Court for the next 4 years.

We need to pressure Obama into being the president America needs to be.

Don't cave, but negotiate. Don't start on their 40 yard line, start on your 80 yard line. Stop the Drone program, replace the mail trucks with electric cars.


Be that guy and maybe America can be the America we imagine it to be.

Congratulations Obama for your win. Thank you Romney for your gracious speech. And thank you Republicans at ROmney's offices for actually staying classy and showing both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama respect by not booing. Perhaps we can reunite America once again.

We can do this, but it's going to up to us to keep Obama honest. Let's do this. Sleep well, my friends, because our fight continues tommorow.

Our fight continues tommorow.

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