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I don't now exactly how I could put together this project, but it sure as hell is a good idea.

This would require several capital financers, donations from people and a group of technicians and programmers to create something new. Maybe a way to recycle old iPads. I don't know, this sounds like an idea that Cory Doctorow would come up with and publish in a book. And that book would be the kind of genius that this comic aspires to be. I don't have the skills to make this happen but I may know a few people. Who knows, maybe a few more people may contact me.

Seriously, if we can create some kind of non-profit manufacturing company we can put voting machines in places less than, say Mitt Romney's son, and save the tax payer's money and eliminate people like Kathy Nicholas who steal elections.

By the way, I question if she didn't do it again and prevented Paul Ryan being the two time loser we all know he was destined to be. I have questions, I'm curious what the answers are. I think I will ask them next week.

If you are someone who is interested in devoloping this idea, I'd be happy to help. I have some ideas and I welcome other ideas. The best part is, this idea can only help democracy.

You can contact me here, on facebook, or jandrewworld at gmail dot com.


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