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Can you tell? I'm really excited for The Hobbit.


My daughter who gets nervous about movies is excited, too. My youngest daughter is also excited but she just doesn't have the patience to watch a 2 and a half hour long movie.

I hope Maddie has the bladder for it. I might just hand her the empty soda cup and tell her to just squat, the room is dark, nobody will see you. I'm not missing a moment of my Bilbo adventure.

When I was 3 or 4, every Saturday afternoon, the library in Marietta, GA would show a film that was free to the community. Oftentimes my dad took me and my sister. I will never forget that the floor never seemed too hard watching the animated Hobbit. I enjoyed every minute of it. From that moment forward I emerged from the darkened room, a geek! Oh come on, you know the movie I'm talking about:

Of course I hope this is part of the soundtrack:

Wait, I meant to talk about the Whigs....

The Whigs were the opposition party to the Democrats, formed to stand against the policies of Andrew Jackson (who should not be on the $20 bill.) Andrew Jackson's legacy can be summed up by three words: Trail of Tears. He was basically the man George W. Bush wished he was. Jackson's good deeds are erased, by my estimation, by the blood of the Native Americans, and because of that we shouldn't celebrate him.

The party fractured over the issue of slavery creating a (at the time) progressive party which opposed slavery called the Republican party.

When they were formed, Chris Hayes, Arthur Kohl-Riggs and myself will all agree that the Republican party of the 1850's was the greatest party in history (To be fair I am more Green. but I digress...)

The party is so corrupted from how it was conceived that it's appalling. The party needs to collapse and we need better choices. I hope it does and we get those better choices.


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