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Ok, let me address the second comic first, Eric Cantor would only spread small pox only if that would hurt Obama. I don't believe he would do that just to eliminate Native Americans

Palenstein is a totally different story. He'd be the first in line with the Small Pox blankets.

Now on to John McCain.

Why do we put so much weight behind John McCain as a Foreign Policy expert? I mean, he graduated from the bottom of his class, he was probably had some nepotism from his father, the Admiral, then he gets shot down which is a hard thing to do during 'Nam, especially as a Navy fighter jet. And somehow that experience has made him a foreign policy expert?

You know what, let's be fair. We can chalk that up to youthful indescretions. I'm okay with that as long as he learned from his mistakes. At times he's not a half bad Senator. McCain/Feingold was a great piece of legislation. As long as he learned from his mistakes, right?

Then there's Sarah Palin...

This attack is worthy of her. It's childish, baseless and quite frankly hypocritical. Have you seen how many things he got wrong in the past decade? He's suppose to be the go to guy?

Has he learned nothing from Sarah Palin? Apparently not.

It's not like he was fully discredited in this attack.

Oh wait he was.

He is a relic of the 20th century. He had a chance to become a new kind of leader and bring the Republicans into the 21st century but sadly he has become the dead part of the Republican party, a party that should be left to rot, like the Whigs.


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