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Where to start...Bill O'Reilly, besides his borderline racist rant on election night has been quiet for a while. It's been nice.

And then this week happened. 

Wow. First he called my friend Dave Silverman a fascist then once again opened his mouth and lost the debate, and then he brought on a psychologist to discuss Gangnam Style. Wow is all I have to say.This was brilliant and hilarious and completly unintentional:

Amazing, right?

I could have illustrated this entire interview because the crazy just wont stop. He compares a song in a language he doesn't speak to Elvis. Now, I love the underappreciated Elvis songs. "Suspicious Minds," "Summer Kisses/Winter Tears" and "Tomorrow is a Long Time" for example are great.

But he made a lot of crap, too. "He's Your Uncle, Not Your Dad" is an anti-Johnson song making the very Republican argument about taxes. "Do the Clam" is bad in a catchy way. Then there is Old McDonald. Yes, he rewrote the children's song with lyrics like this:


Old Macdonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o

And on that farm he had some chicks, ee-i-ee-i-o

With a cluck, cluck here, a cluck, cluck there

Loud as they could be

And when those chicks got out of line

Chicken fricasse


Then there were gems like "Yoga Is As Yoga Does" and "Ito Eats."  And then there's "Song of the Shrimp." Lyrically stupid, poorly arranged, it is perhaps one of Elvis' worst songs (Yet it is far better then "Yoga Is As Yoga Does" and "Old McDonald"). The funny thing is, Frank Black, the former front man of The Pixies does a killer version. However, I'm putting The King's version here:

So apparently songs like "Song of the Shrimp" make more sense than "Gangnam Style" which is in Korean.

Moving on...

You know you want to see Bill O'Reilly go Gangnam Style to the My Little Pony theme. Come on, I personally would have that on a loop and watch it a billion times. So, instead I leave you with this:

Look on the bright side, at least you weren't picturing Bill O dressed up like this while dancing, like I was:

Oh, Sorry...

Wait, you are now? Sorry.


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