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So my daughter spilled her milk all over our modem. Don't ask me how that happened I wasn't there. So today I had no internet. That has been fun. At the present I'm at The Towson Diner getting one of their delisious questadillias and horribly misspelling this update because my wife who has the spelling skills can't edit this.

Sadly, autocorrect doesn't work on this webpage so now you know my deep dark secerate....

I murder the english language.

Granted, I've gotten better.

Like that time I was a newt....

Anyways, I stole this comic from former guest star, Guberatorial candidate, and protester Arthur Kohl-Riggs arrest. Sadly, I can't share the video because technically I'm stealing the internet from accross the street. However, you can view it on this article from my freind, Blue Cheddar.

So enjoy, and I hope to have tomorrow's up as well, modem at home or not.

Now, I'm going to start asking you this every episode in this story: please go to the paypal link and make a payment to help aid the protesters in paying legal fees or if you would rather send a check, please message Sue Trace and she will help you. They do have attorneys who are representing them for low or no cost. But at $36 per jury fee, the costs are mounting. These people are singled out by the Scott Walker administration and are trying be silenced instead of being allowed to express their Constitutionally protected rights. 



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