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It wasn't me. The Huffington Post forced my hand. Really, if you want to blame anyone, blame Arianna Huffington. Okay, you can say that she has other people in her employ who write this stuff. So it is Howard Fineman's fault. Well he is boring. I mean you, my dear readers watch MSNBC, surely you've seen him in his monotone. He couldn't be to blame. Alana Horowitz wrote this piece. It's called "John Boehner: Congress 'Never Going To Give Up' Debt Ceiling Powers" What can I do?

I can blame John Boehner, Chris Wallace and Rick Astley. 

Or maybe you're a fuddy duddy who doesn't get my joke? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE INTERNET!?

For real.

Then there is this.

You're welcome.


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